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Kuala Lumpur!!

JOURNAL TO KUALA LUMPUR!!! On 11th - 16th of October 2009 a MUST FOR kelas Bengkel Seni dan Pelukis Tamu..
a memories that will remain
in my heart..

A 5days trip Stay at Heritage Hotel Kuala Lumpur.. an old building thats so creepy but i like the design [colonial building]
The 1stDay[12/10]:: Places that we visit are Uitm [Fakulti SeniReka] dan Galeri Shah Alam UITM Shah K.Azril Ismail [lecturer at Uitm-Photography]. A lot of experince he share with us.mostly about his work on Pudu Jail and Iron dragons of Malaya... im interest on his work of Pudu Jail project... [Can search in Internet for his work...]

Meet with old friend:: Classmate upper six [Izafix::back left]
Transport yang kita orang guna:: Komuter [ KL ke Shah Alam], Teksi [ Shah Alam ke Uitm].Thats was a nice day at Shah Alam...semuanya kan kekal jd kenangan^^
The 2nd Days (13/10): Going to Balai Seni Lukis Negara and KLCC

3rd days (14/10):: We visiting Pelita Hati House of Arts!!!


Im thinking of my FYP everyday...
it make me feel "DUHHHHH...."

This 2 weeks,i havent touch or done anything..
im not presenting anything at FYP class..

Im escaping myself..
trying to hide..
trying to forget it...
not to think of it...

Am i wrong when i feel like this?
i feel tension...

i cant wait to ending this thing..

in the end,i must done my FYP..
my artwork n writting...
i cant escape..cant ignore it...