Rest In Peace

On the May,28 2010
10am until 5pm
we going to cemetery to clean-up our ancestor's rest place [my mom side].

 A cemetery is a place in which dead bodies and cremated remains are buried. The term cemetery (from Greek κοιμητήριον: sleeping place) implies that the land is specifically designated as a burying ground. Cemeteries in the Western world are the place where the final ceremonies of death are observed. These ceremonies or rites differ according to cultural practice and religious belief.

Extra hot all the day
and burning my skin.....
taking some picture there
i love it
feel very creepy yet interesting to capture
hope you ll love it too.....


RM150.80 [no discount]

My report writting
Sarjana Muda Seni Gunaan dengan Kepujian (Seni Halus)
Isu Politik Dalam Konteks Seni Interaktif

cost me MYR150.80 (altogether 4 books)
my final result come-out already...
not that satify me..
im grading with 2.99 CGPA
--------------my fault-------------
cannot blame lecturer

0.01 only ma~~
give me 3.0 la!



I realise i cannot trust person call FRIENDS in life

nowadays,'friends concept' is 
-------------i dislike this------------

i do have some friends so called BFF
-------------i dislike this--------------
Best Friend Forever??
no such words i guess
i will list out my so called BFF here::
<< chilhood time >>
this age,everyone i thought are my BFF
<< early teen >>
somewhat [a age im choozy in making someone BFF]
<< teenagers >>
started to grouping which is better to become BFF
because of past experience
and i realise

friends,whoever that read thid post.
you guys have been a good friends to me. Im enjoy a time we together and always stay in my heart.
Thanks for willing to make friends with me
im sorry for anything
thanks for everything

FRIENDSHIP isnt about who come first.
Its all about who come and NEVER LEFT.
Doesnt matter who she/he is.
UNDERSTANDING is what is important.
Friends do fight but is always there when i need them
somehow...friends are weird and special.




 December 2009
<< KampongLove >>
my hometown
Long Tuan,Trusan
i like my kampung because::
 dapat mandi sungai!!!!
banyak Karabau...main menu for Lun Bawang Tribe

above are:: Our home...baru dicat.hihihi

above are:: a way of eating^^

above are:: my kampung view

above are:: me with karabau


down to the earth

feeling so 'yellow'
like you re in a 'Gold-ly Places'
down to earth
here is some picture
taken at Unimas courtesy
 << using my handphone only >>


Rin's Kitchen

09 May 2010
me and my boyfriend having lunch at Jalan Stutong Baru,on the way send me back to my campus.
A stall name Rin's Kitchen~a new shop in town.
actually we bored with Chinese food
so,we try-out Malay food
because i told my boy to have lunch at any stall except Chinese food....
[Pusing punya pusing]
we found this stall.....
Got big banner : Rin's Kitchen (Western food,Malay Food)

[bagi yang nak pergi Rin's Kitchen,stallnya terpinggir la sikit
 building around it is  oneTJ,breadtalks,techno Graphic]

Nice Design
[yg penting]

im sure its Islam stall coz hanging Quran words
but the owner very Chinese Look person, very friendly too
we order Nasi Ayam Penyet cost MYR 6
Try la!


like A Pro!

Its been 4 days seen we attending ACP (Adobe Certificate Professional) or 3P ( Program Pertauliahan Profesional) di Unimas.
Hehe...Fun!! Hari ni sepanjang hari belajar animation jak.....
[Gambar dibawah actually moving]


Little Voice

Little Voice r music group inspired by me and my friend Shela
Just for fun
because we do love creating sound and music by our own
not wanted to become a music artist
Just wanted to share our music
we perform this band for almost 1 year now
can check out our music at http://www.myspace.com/littlevanillaz
not updating it anymore because both r too buzy with study
Our genre are ska and Jazz...hihi..love it!
We have 9 songs altogether
our songs is about ourselves
we wrote everything around us
Picture below r having recording at Studio tayangan Muzium Tuanku Fauziah Penang




I finish my study but we hve 3P [Program Pertauliahan Profesional] in my University.
Sponsored by government...
kind of interesting course because we dealing with Flash and Dreamweaver
my 2nd day..the course started yesterday
im enjoy!
hahaha..because our Instructor are a flat tummy guy n good looking..hihihihihihihi...
ow ya..thanks Adobe coz give us a free cs4 Flash's book that worth MYR 100 above..

im uploading my work...unperfect but i wil improve!
This is what we're doing in the class...



3 year and 6 semester going very fast like a tunder
Having happy time, crying moment, tough day
we go through with a strong faith
we will be apart soon
and graduating with 1st degree in hand
hope that the memories we built together will always remain in our heart


Ngee~~ guess where my OLDtown was???
Lovely peacefully [agaknyerr] place in Sarawak.. 
on Pesta Benak last week..

Km famili pergi la juga meyempitkan diri kat sana.....
very da Hot!agak nye 39 celcius horr.. 
then keadaan krek~krek~krek la.....kureng pengunjung. 
Maybe malam banyak org kot... [Ni coz pergi round one day jer n balik kuching balik......]
Tak beli apa2....just jual mata jer~
BUT,we do hvg some photo Shooting [as usual] with my Nikon d60,yah~cheezeee!!!!
stopby at PEKAN lACHAU...N snapping [mitchel-me-gabriel]!


Batang Lupar's Benak

I realized this entry is most popular search by the foreigner...
so,i wanted to updated it and put more picture of it.
I will share about my experiences and travel stories to this small town in Sarawak
 Every year on May, Sri Aman town will have this important annual event call 'PESTA BENAK'
 Me and family drive over that took us 3 hours from Kuching to reach Sri Aman
Dont afraid of long distance driving from Kuching because it wont take long. You'll enjoy along your trip a nice view of Borneo Land, i promise!!

Pesta Benak is one of Sarawak's favor event every year.
Usually will runs for 5 days or 1 week
Benak or Tidal Bore is a nature phenomena that have attract many people to come to Sri Aman
As you can see the picture taken by me....
a lot of people that i have to sneak under somewhere to capture my picture
We stay a night at my dad's friend house
and rush back to Kuching the next day
This trip is unplanned trip made by my dad coz mom not around going to Mukah
so,we have nothing to do at home also...
no regrets!

Below have some information about Tidal Bore that i copy from wikipedia:  
In wikipedia, A tidal bore (or simply bore in context, or also aegir, eagre, or eygre) is a tidal tidal wave (not to be confused with a tsunami). phenomenon in which the leading edge of the incoming tide forms a wave (or waves) of water that travel up a river or narrow bay against the direction of the current. As such, it is a true
Bores occur in relatively few locations worldwide, usually in areas with a large tidal range (typically more than 6 metres (20 ft) between high and low water), and where incoming tides are funneled into a shallow, narrowing river via a broad bay. The funnel-like shape not only increases the tidal range, but it can also decrease the duration of the flood tide, down to a point where the flood appears as a sudden increase in the water level. Note the tidal bore takes place during the flood tide and never during the ebb tide.
A tidal bore may take on various forms, ranging from a single breaking wavefront with a roller — somewhat like a hydraulic jump— to ‘undular bores’, comprising a smooth wavefront followed by a train of secondary waves (whelps). Large bores can be particularly dangerous for shipping, but also present opportunities for river surfing.
Two key features of a tidal bore are the intense turbulence and turbulent mixing generated during the bore propagation, as well as its rumble noise. The visual observations of tidal bores highlight the turbulent nature of the surging waters. The tidal bore induces a strong turbulent mixing in the estuarine zone, and the effects may be felt along considerable distances. The velocity observations indicate a rapid deceleration of the flow associated with the passage of the bore as well as large velocity fluctuations. A tidal bore creates a powerful roar that combines the sounds caused by the turbulence in the bore front and whelps, entrained air bubbles in the bore roller, sediment erosion beneath the bore front and of the banks, scouring of shoals and bars, and impacts on obstacles. The bore rumble is heard far away because its low frequencies can travel over long distances. During his expedition in the Qiantang River mouth, Captain Moore heard the first murmur of the tidal bore one hour before it reached his Pandora ship. The low-frequency sound is a characteristic feature of the advancing roller in which the air bubbles entrapped in the large-scale eddies are acoustically active and play the dominant role in the rumble sound generation.
The word bore derives through Old English from the Old Norse word bára, meaning a wave or swell.
Rivers that have been known to exhibit bores [in Asia] include those listed below:
  • Ganges–Brahmaputra, India, Bangladesh
  • Indus River, India, Pakistan
  • Qiantang River, China, Tidal bore of Qiantang River which has the world's largest bore, up to 9 metres (30 ft) high, traveling at up to 40 kilometres (25 mi) per hour.
  • Batang Lupar or Lupar River, near Sri Aman, Malaysia. The tidal bore is locally known as benak.

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