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Auburn - LA LA LA Feat Iyaz

I understand now how my Boyfriend feel when im started to LALALALALA... :p
Rs mcm kenak 'tembak' jak bila dengar lagu ni.... dedicated to me myself yg slalu LALALALA dan BLALALABLA dengan boy saya.....hahahaha ^^ Enjoys the songs.....banyak meaning dia!

3D Maya Notes

heeeeyaaahhhh!!!! finally i found a Maya Note....please click this link MAYA to have some guidance.  I hope you'll find what you looking for from my little help^^ im nearly lost in guiding my student last semester coz i didnt have a note or anything left for me when im joining and started to teach in DRG.   But thank goodness...God give me a wisdom so i can guide my student slowly with me.They have done something great that even a degree student also hard to some work made by them (im showing this because just wanted to promote what PTPL Sarawak can offer u) ... really good aite? For sure need a improvement...put some lighting....add here add there but its fine for their level~ People learn from mistake but i learn from experience...hahaha.....sama jugak! eh...teda la. i love sharing my knowledge to my students bcoz i know it will never finish. the knowledge keep coming and i will never stop giving

Ada Langit Biru by Sidney Mohede

Just for Sidney Mohede's fan (Gospel singer from Indonesia)..i found this song when blog walking.. and im bless. Just wanted to share this post i copy from

'Ada Langit Biru' MP3 (Alternate Version) Free Download CLICK THE BUTTON "Pay With a Tweet" to download the Alternate Version of the song "Ada Langit Biru" that was not in the album. All you need to do is Pay it with a Tweet and share it with your friends! Hope you're blessed! (Yes it's legal, because the song is owned by me and I'm giving it out for free as an appreciation to all of you!) (You can also download directly from this link): CLICK FOR DIRECT DOWNLOAD 4SHARED (FOR MOBILEPHONES ETC)

I overeact when i lose my glasses!

I have a very understanding sister and she share this image from Rainbow Pastels on my facebook page. Yes i do overreacting, sometimes. 

>>> ME <<<

Kesakitan itu

Im just dont feel good right now... i feel so....menyampah....boring dan fed up!  Tak pernah rasa sebegini. sangat mengecewakan terutamanya jika kecewa kerana yang namanya CHINTA itu.  Rasa-rasanya setiap insan di dunia ini akan mengalami fasa dimana akan ada kekecewaan dalam sesuatu perhubungan.  Apabila kita merancang sesuatu dan sebaliknya yang terjadi....  ianya amat tersangat memedihkan.  Memang begitulah lumrah kehidupan.  Kadang-kala kita sebagai manusia tidak dapat menerimanya dan ada yang dapat menanganinya dengan begitu baik.
unfinished entry coz i dont know how to write it here...... pray that my cheers will getting back soon~~