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I dont know since when i like this finger play... maybe since i work in the kindy really cute isnt it? capture this with my DSLR manual mode-thats why i can get the blur effect^^

i did the blue one and my friend did yellow n orange try to do more in this coming day Okey get to you soon,readers!


Adis Buan Resort,Bau

Found this place two year ago when our first visit to Kpg.Sg.Segong and we return to visit this place two days ago and quite a shock to see many people visit this place a very village style resort than wont fail you to those who wanted to be away from town and work this place is suit you best.
The resort is own by the land owner Bidayuh family whose very humble and have fabulous idea to raise this place as a resort in order to live their life. Do support them (Yes, I am promoting this place now....hahaha)
Adis Buan Resort provide homestay  you can stay either at Long House or rest house Long house is built from bamboo and tree bark.
They have also assembly hall, Bidayuh Hut, BBQ place...a big space for park your car safely, modern toilet and they even have mini Zoo! you can see animal that they kept inside the cage and a beautiful river...
To those who interested only 45mint driving from Kuching town. Use the Batu Kawa-Bau Road Pekan Londong/Tondong,turn to right side.  Make your way…

Attractive Campaign

If you are a voter..which campaign attract you most??
-While you thinking-
i would say, campaign no.2 attract me most Dont worry It will not affect and add any vote for any politic parties because i not yet register as a voter

Im here to share my thought "You as a leader,need to know a skill of 'persuade' others or voters" but as i see here BN or Barisan Nasional still using the same design since many years ago... not up to date Old style not attractive passport size picture that really hates me  because i will keep saying...'urgh??!!'
in the other hand,the opposition parties's banner really will attract voters know why?
The picture i show above tells everything
You like it???
haaaa!! thats the trick! doesnt matter how good you serious you are in bringing the justice of the people however voters cant see your heart voters see the book cover not the content so..your campaign or the banner need to be 'strong' to persuade voters in order t…

new w o r k i n g story

how happy i am become a part of a kid's 'creator' and their life history 
currently im working with CreativeKids Preschool  April is my third month  gain a lot of experience especially  " how to handle a kids "
tough challenging
 i didnt get high paid here even not enough for one week no worries because my working motto is " As long as im happy, no stress ....paid is no.2 "
the kids really colour up my life enjoy working here maybe not for a long time i served for the kids i wanted to have an experience only
wish me luck!!!

Congrats Congek Sis!

Do you remember my entry EXAM SEASON?? so a big CONGRATULATION for my sister Mitchell Lawa that score 6A 1B 2C in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (Malaysian Education Certificate). Im really happy for her and the most happiest person in the world is my parents. Deep inside we thanks God for blessing in the family. 
She still at Sabah right now we havent really congrat her wanted to hug and happy for her.
Ow ya the other two cuzen get a good result also Cheryl Resat 3A 6B and i dont really know Ruran's result because very hard to communicate with her the line in Kampong is not that good.
however congratulation!!

Akademi Fantasia 9

Im not a hard dies fan of reality show Akademi Fantasia but Just want to write some entry about it since this is the hottest talks among the Malaysian youth.
This final season featuring Amy Search as the Principal

more The bestest about Akademi Fantasia nine AZNIL is back!!! love him very sporting Frankly speaking Af were nothing without him
For sure we as Sarawakian will support sarawakian candidate HOHOHO Racist???

Jambatan Cinta Suicide

A suicide take place recently in new campus,UNIMAS at Jambatan Cinta This bridge have its name because many couple dated on the bridge at night
Photo above taken when im lepaking on the bridge alone around 6-7pm last year
after Final Year Project assesment
I am

U see. As a degree student,there lot of burden to carry
and this
 sometimes makes me discourage. so well
back to story
This photo taken from BorneoPost online

i think It normal when some student made this decision and ending the life *sigh* Whatever the reason that bring him to commit this suicide I'll have my mouth shut Its between him and God
Rest in peace to Sanchess Qaspie Marimuthu