The joy we create together
will remain in my heart
the best course ever!!
attending Adobe Certificate Expert for 28 days really worth me
we learn Flash and Dreamweaver
featuring sporting instructor Tern Zg & Kath Ramirez
they r superb!!
having great time together

::description of photo::
1. Group 1 & Group 2 class,combine and having snapping session together at dataran Unimas
2. Group 2 feat.Kathleen,presenting theirs Limp of Joy photography
3.Group 2 again...under the sunny bright sun
4. Girls from group 1 [my group]


minute will goes

A last days in UNIMAS
have 5 days to go....
the end of Campus's life story in my life
im thinking of:

playing bowling 
kayak-ing at tasek unimas
K-Box karaoke
cycling around unimas
go rounde again

in July
i will starting to work as full-time instructor at The ArtFactor
will working more and less enjoy
and no more long-long holidays
so sad....
positively thinking
[ i will enjoy my working's life ]
be an art instructor
doing animation projects 
------- i lyke this!!!!--------

[ i dream i will have my own studio oso...ahahaha.....]
a plan 10 years from now
art studio or art gallery


Graphic NOvel

My faveret graphic novel!!!
im collecting since 2005 
retired 1 year ago....
plan to collect again....^^
got 20+ in collection....
2 given by my frenz Qla bcoz she now me lyke graphic novel 
and 1 [title Benjamin] hilang.....

me oso collect Utopia...
later i post the picture...
but now..
no more since University's era
[sbb dh makin tak menarik content nya]


Farewell Gathering

One of our church member friends
going back to his hometown at Timor Leste
He put up a last gathering 
serve us with simple Bakso..
mix mee (mihun+mee+kueh tiaw) with meat ball (chicken)
* the original Bakso are difference
so tasty!

To John:
we always remember you!!
a foreign that are so good and kind..
Selamat Jalan


go Rounde

:: me said ::
" Having a go-round-and-round at bridgeside...me with nelly.
its around 6.20pm until 7.00 pm
a few couple having walky-talky-lovely walk
so.........romantic! "

A couple walking on the Love Bridge



Beauty of Lingga Road

I lurve capturing sunset...
everywhere i go
[ always stick with my SLR camera ]

i cant wait until it sunset
very beautiful moment for me
This picture taken at Lingga Road,Sri Aman
on my way off to Iban Long House



Cool and nice place
---i like---
visit Kundasang War Memorial
and stay at Bayu Homestay
1 dorm room (5 people) cost 150 per night
Can see Mount Kinabalu clearly at 7 to 8 am

nice trip!


Press Conference of Irau aco Lun Bawang

Dont be confuse
im not reporter or newspaper writer
/////follow my cuzie n aunt only/////

Irau Aco Lun Bawang is Lun Bawang 's tribe festival
this is 3 day showcasing the unique traditional and cultural heritage of Lun Bawang community
30 May to 1 June 2010
at Lawas city,Sarawak Land



i got fever!
hahaha......no larr,just a gawai fever only.
my family seldom celebrating it.
can i say never?
while my parent away (to Lawas for hols)
i put up a little private party for me n my friends only
i have 20 guest person in list
but only 5 that coming
they are: 
Tanx ya for the 'wine'...!!!

me cooking
thanks goodness...
enough for 8 of us [incl. me n 2 cousin of mine]

we having a great time together
'Selamat hari Gawai, gayu guru gerai nyamai guan menua!' 



Yayyyh!!!!!got this...pass my exam with 90% score
how lucky i am!
[i will not say 'how smart i am'] 
because the exam question were very tricky n the answer are 'same-same,like-like... '

feel im a pro in Flash when getting this certificate in hand 
[so HAPPYYYYY!!!!!]

to my beloved university (UNIMAS)
coz giving a chance 
free-of-charge courses that worth a thousand+ [if i pay]

i have one more course to attend
Adobe Dreamweaver cs4
hope to pass this also
wish me luck!!!
[thank U]

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