Diploma Rekabentuk Grafik PTPL Sarawak

Having a good time with short course student (grafik4U) together with DRG student
An academic visit to Art Museum and Contemporary Art Exhibition at Kuching
Impress by the artwork made by UiTM,Unimas,Lim Kok Wing and Swinburne's lecturer / student
i hope my student getting something from this trip.

This is my second month teaching them and so far i have no problem with the student
All are good boys and girls....
Guess where i am??
(hahahha.....kedak student jugak bha)

I hope anyone that reading this and if you want to further study in design subject...
you are welcome to join us at PTPL Sarawak.

Dont worry about who you will be after the study coz there a plenty position for you out there
Please avoid the conventional thinking : " belajar seni tak ke mane nyer.... "
HEY! i told you...we run the world! 
For example, without someone design an advertisement for Coke...sure u will not recognize it... betul tak?? 
Ingat...we are the small little nation that own a creative minded.


A continuos story after school

Taken at Seni Kontemporari on 19/09/11

See..we have transform a lot since we left our high school.
Both of us were working now and have been so matured in thinking..less merajuk2...less marah2...more2 membesar!..hahaha

For almost SIX year relationship, we have gone through so many 'love trial' in our relationship.
We've try to breakup for one month but we decide to return back and keep this relationship until we tight the knot. Thanks God that i know he's the best gift God sent to me to fill my day and guide me through my life. We have plan so many great thing in our life ahead and we hope God is hearing and He knows what best for us.

oh ya....
since Fabian is travelling to Kuching for 2 week..
 we have a chance to enjoy our self..get together and be crazy! i really appreciate it.....its like a year we havent met each other!
We plan to be crazy on our day out (19/09/11)..Fabian bought me a same shirt design and we wore it. People were looking and staring at us and i feel...we are the coolest couple in the planet! big SMILE. 
we watch Johnny English..and laugh like crazzzyyyy!


A Wishes Never Come True

From my big tiny heart,

 I wish my house will be like this
i couldnt express my feeling la....

i wish i could travel alone around borneo land
Ba' Kelalan

wait for me!
i wish i could reach TIP OF BORNEO and touch the land

i wish i could climb Mount Santubong and lost 5kg


Selamat Hari Raya!

Its never to late to wish all muslim blogger
Happy Raya....
God Bless^^

Loveliess Blogger