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Iban Wedding Melah Pinang Ceremony

Attending Iban wedding ceremony or Melah Pinang. This event took place at Bintulu,Sarawak on 28th May 2011.
The Iban people really respect the visitor where you will be welcomed by the tradition "Niki Temuai". Niki Temuai (as i observb) is kind of tradition where the owner of the house or long house welcome all the visitor and give a drink call "Tuak". And also you will hear a sound of a "Taboh" 's music and a dance call "Ngajat". They will ask you to walk around the "Ruai" of the Long house.  

Adopted Shih Tzu

Almost fainted because i never dream to have long hair shorty puppy EVER!  my family really a doggy lover  and we do welcome this cuties in our family
Name : Pupi  Gender : Female Fur Color : Grey,Black,White Eye Color : Brownish
She love to eat cake...surprisingly cheese cake!! how we have this puppy??? Answer is: by kidnapping
really but we dont have or intend to stole her  she come to my work place and we wait for a day for someone look for lost puppy but NO ONE CAME so,i decide to bring home...... isnt we still call this act as "PENCURI"??
i call it A GIFT
we do love dog so really MAD about dog! and i wont let it wander around and ending died on the road but if really there someone put on the poster for "Lost Puppy in the town" i will return it back sad la!

Family Day

Im really sorry for late updating this stories have due 2 week already since our last Family day on 1st-2nd May 2011 we decide to have the church family day at Adis Buan Resort,Bau (again???) hahahahah.....we do love the place! peaceful.
we rent the long house,resthouse and hall for 2 days and 1 night..  we get great deal from the owner and we pray God Bless him and the family bussiness  the activities were very pack although it were family day but i was like a camp where we get divide in the group and have game so on.....btw,fun together because we seldom have time to get around with all the church member. Thanks for the time! i spend my holiday with joyful....
Family Day Scedule  1st May 2011 10-11am  : Check In 11-12nn   : Lunch  12-1pm    : Sunday service (Praise and worship / Bible Sharing) 1-2pm      : Divide group / Baptize ceremony in the river 2-3pm      : Game Time 3-6pm      : Free / BBQ 6-7pm      : Dinner 7-9pm      : Praise and worship /Bible Sharing  9-10pm    : Mother Day / Group discu…

Bubur Tasak Orang Iban Di Serian

Bubur Tasak is Iban language mean CENDOL / BUBUR CHA-CHA dalam Bahasa Malaysia.
Pada perayaan menyambut hari Ibu, kami sekeluarga went to mom's kampong at serian (Kpg Merang) to celebrate the day with our grandma and aunt... we reach there early that we get to see our grandma do the traditional bubur tasak. Pertama kali tengok proses membuat Bubur Tasak. Hehe Well,frankly speaking...we are not born in the kampong and not live in the kampong...for sure la we dont even know about this. Me and my sis lendingvour hand to help...and it is not a easy job..sakit juga tangan o! i dont really know the ingredient but for sure they are using RICE. Bubur tasak one of the main dishes for the 60s and 70s you cant expect to have 'great-great' food such as KFC etc....seeing how they do and tasted make me appreciate the hard work.  
Sedikit gambar yang dpt dirakam...not the whole process...maybe someday i will write an entry how to make bubur tasak step by step... really…