Iban Wedding

Never taught that attending and become hired photographer for my friend's wedding gain me a new experience. This event took place at Bintulu,Sarawak on 28th May 2011.

Iban wedding really respect the visitor where you will be welcome by the tradition "Niki Temuai".
Niki Temuai (as i observb) is kind of tradition where the owner of the house or long house welcome all the visitor and give a drink call "Tuak". And also hear you a "Taboh" 's music and a dance call "Ngajat". They will bring you to walk around the "Ruai" of Long house. Is i am using too many word that you cant undestand??
because all this word is hard to translate and i think they use this word to keep the originality.

nevermind....see the picture above.. will update later because i dont really have idea to write this ceremony. To complicated to write...need to ask my parent this Iban Wedding ceremony in detail.... 

Taboh's music

Niki Temuai ceremony

A place where the bride sit

Iban culture food

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