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Siamese's Engagement

One of my close friend in university have her engagement ceremony recently
took their photo in facebook
[im sorry,niesa bcoz took it without permission]

Heartly congratulation for
Lersak and Suknisa
Both of them are Siamese and the ceremony is in Siamese's engagement tradition
hope to attend their wedding
because never attend Siamese culture wedding before

very happy to Suknisa
and finally she found the real happiness in life
May God Bless both of you

Oh no...gain my weight!!!!!

Argghhhh!!!! This morning i get on the weight meter and
NOOOOO!!!!!!!! 57kg??????
My goodnessssss! and in mind is  I really need to have a diet from now on.....!
i keep on screaming in my head say IMPOSSIBLE!! HOW COME?? NOOOO!!!
57kg will KILL Me!!!

Sarawakians Voices

A very anointing prayer rally i ever attend in Kuching... Really touch me when people of God from all over Kuching coming together in prayer I believe there will a big revival in Sarawak and in coming State Election Amen!