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T.A.G punya pasal

i am dilanda keBLURan now..... but still typing even i dont noe what to do or what im doing.. ive been TAG by my frenz dysha_chan and get the entry from her oso^^ last week [i think]
this is the TAG which i copy and paste from dysha_chan entry . . syarat-syaratnya adalah:: 1] cipta title u oll sendiri ea^^ [my title is:: T.A.G punya pasal] 2] 25 cerita perkara orang lain x tau tapi kene tau [gosh..i try...] 3] tag 25 orang yang u oll rasa bertuah dapat tag ne^^ huhu [my frenz not even reach 25] 4] dapat tag ne daripada dysha_chan
25 things u didnt know but u should know about me:: 1.i never wanted or dreaming to become an animator in my life..[which is my current position now] dancer but im not 'penari kebudayaan' like u all known. i dance in church and we call it as creative ministry. i involve in this area since 6 years old..ngee~  3.i might not live in the world because i nearly 'kelemasan' when my mom want to melahirkan the other word..OVERDUE. 4. i li…

cerita konvokesyenku

09 October 2010
thanks Lord Jesus Christ,
because God has given a knowledge and braveness to me whole this years.. will not forget the day and the feeling when graduating as degree student from UNIMAS feel so "up on the world" a historic day and a very pack day!! running here running there and my make-up cair oredi hahaha this is the 2nd time im make-up  since 2006 YARkkk...feel...... 'when can i wash off my face ah??'
--back to business-- 3 year study and its not easy oww... very tough years for me i even sometimes feel want to quit study but  yar...3 year past quickly.. im crying when hugging my parent without their support,love and caring im not here writing my convo's story
its feel like.. haiya... tiba2 jadi speechless pulak  tak tau nak write apa di sini walaupun my mind full of story to share... but one thing for sure IM VERY HAPPY its once in a life im say  I AM very LUCKY tak semua orang boleh sampai bachelor degree out of 10..maybe 3 can masuk universiti...? hmmm...[pikir2kan la] stud…


DEAR HONDA ICON, I fall in love for the first sight you always appear in my dream i never stop thinking of you! cant wait to having you around me and with me where ever i may go i hope you willing to wait for me no matter how long it is.
Love always, little desperate scooter's girl

" so.....KIUT!!!" my first expression seeing this scooter xpecially in PINK
. correction IM NOt a FAN OF PINK kaler but  this color do attract me and suit with girl i decided to OWN this scoot maybe dream will come true in NOVEMBER cant wait for next month i already get my license  L for B2 & D very HAPPY!! things really memihak to me lately thanks LORD!
eventhought i do have "A NOt VERY Happy Ending " in my last semester in UNIMAS because of some BFF clazh.. that really make me feel down but WHATEVER! im graduating


ITS BEEN A LONG-LONG-LONG TIME!!!! im searching for my favourite graphic novel that make me fall in love in Mr.Zint up till now yesterday me and my lil bro,Gabriel hanging around at MPH,The Spring for 1 half hour looking for graphic novel REALLY MAD!!!! MPH....i Love You!! a bulk of graphic novel they have!! make me rambang mata...kalu boleh mmg smua nak beli!! but  Under 18 caught my eye.... the first graphic novel that ive read last few year...mmmm.....2002 i think  masa tu sy 15 tahun its dream come true to have and collect and keep the book again... ----HAPPY MOOD----

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!

im a dancer i dance in the church im offering my praise by worshipping Lord through dancing i started to learn tamborine dance at a young age 6 years old im not going to talk aboau me and dancing but im going to share about why many people still cant accept dance a way of worship and praise Him??
Please open your bible in Psalm 150 (ya.....everyone should know this verse) The other verses tell about praising Him with all sorts of music instruments, and we do obey all the verse, contributing it to "we shouldnt dance in the church,"or "its not nice," or "its not our culture to do so" and we prefer to ignore the Word of God and its application. Many so-called Christian cant wait for weekends to come, when they will then go with their 'dates' to discotheques or night-club to vent-out their 'flesh' in dancing to Satanic music and would either try to justify their act of sin by sheer ignorance of the Word and reluctance to live their separeted from the w…