iPAD Fever

Everywhere i go,people is holding her/his ipad
its really suck la!


Part of the family

I havent update my current working place...
Currently working as Tutor at PTPL Sarawak..as a graphic design tutor since July 2011
I love my student eventho i have a difficult time with one of the freshiee student intake June 2011
but then.....things turn okay...!

The first class i attended was with the senior student 
KMM1063 Multimedia Interactive
and never forget those who helping me wipe off my permanent marker writting on the whiteboard
(Aiyo...im using the wrong marker to write!!!!)
thanks to Arel,Wan,Nira and...i forgot the name la....
Never forget them,ever!!!
the first student that was so kind and willing to help me.
You couldnt imagine how many i have write on the whiteboard and sudden i realise that i could not wipe it when i try to wipe it off... 
oo gosh!!!!
Hope that my relationship goes well with all the student
They can ended to be my close friend...!!
Especially the final student whose age is almost same with me and some is older than me!
i really keep my age tightly and secretly from them
someday they will know also la..

who cares

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