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will never too late

Never too late to receive any valentine gift after 14 February.
bcoz i receive my gift from him only on 16 February.....suppose to receive it early
hurmmm.,..,.know why?
15th were public holiday....
so,the delivery is on the next day waorking lorr
Very happy to receive gift from him althought we were apart
he still can make it by 'POS-ME' thing
Thank you very much dear
and you know how much i appreciate it

Maybe we were not having any special candle night dinner
or having out with romantic walk along Kuching waterfront
or watching movie until late night
enough for me to know our love still remains
and we trust each others.

Thanks dear
Happy Valentine Day

Youth Valentine Dinner

Having our Valentine dinner for youth recently at our church Something serious goes and really make me feel down its about our fund not enough to pay the caterer and the one that to be blame is me everything and me O God............i almost wanted to ran away from the event
but i know God is my provider Why should i worried? Thanks God because u give me a parent that really support me in what ever i do and willing to sacrifice their money to God thanks for helping mom and dad!!!

Youth Camping Trip

My activity-list for February is on the go! Youth camping/retreat to Wong Ajong were done Have have a lot of blessed moment there with friends this trip are for a group of christian youth that gather together to pray and have time to sharing a word of God and encouraging each other
a first time camping is really fun!!! wanna more and will plan ahead soon for more camping activities~ well....while im in a good health...hahaha
Wong Ajong is camping place somewhere at Hornbill land Driving from Kuching town around 3 hour to Engkelili and you have to left your car at the Long house and walk for 30 minute pretty long way but if you re use to....maybe take you about 20 minute? but it worth you....because it will take you far from the city and any line communication you are free from messaging & calling.... only hear the sound of river arhhhh..... really peace out your mind!!!

Unedited Video

This is unedited video song.  I am very sorry to keep this video like this, but i wanted it to be original as it is.
The song title is "Berharga di mataMu" Featuring Mitchel,Rachel,Elizebel,Gabriel and acoustic by Joel
This were last minute plan to sing this song on Christmas eve. Our preparation were zero.  Just go and sing The song started with Rachel and me. Then Mitchel and Gabriel And sorry for the voice,i know it not well performed but i think it a beauty part of  it and memorable moment for us as siblings to sing this song together.  It is very hard to gather five of us in one time because we far apart.  When you grow older,one sure will working far from hometown... I love all of you!! Cant wait to see each other again.. God Bless!