Christmas Stories...

"Keranamu,Dia Datang..." 
merupakan tema Krismas bagi tahun 2010 untuk gereja SIB daerah Kuching.
with the help of my brother and frenz...we capture the printed text on shirt and hand sinage of 'LOVE'
hihihi.......nice right???

tempias2 Krismas mula terasa since November coz lot of church event for pre-christmas
 The bottom picture is the first pre-christmas ive attend. 
Organized by Youth Eben from gereja SIB Ebenezer,Demak Laut.

And,ive attend a pre-christmas gathering of all churches of SIB daerah Kuching

Our church also have our pre-christmas night
we call it"Youth Carol Night"
we invite all the church but only Sib Ebenezer and SIB Kuching that coming...
but,we still have the night!!

me and mom anttend christmas eve dinner at Kuching Park




We've been started carolling by 12 Dec 2010...
Usually,carolling thingy have to be done before Christmas Day
because carolling mean 
"Telling the world about the birth of Jesus Christ to the world"

December would be my buziest month!
im the song leader for the carols team 
still can capture some carols moment with my Nikon *impress*

Christmas is about spreading the love
not about Santa Clause
nor Christmas tree
or snowy thingy
about the birth of Jesus Christ that came to the earth to save our soul...

Candle and Carol's songs

Cleo and Chula

Carol's Team

Happy Hours!!


Header storiessss...

 Macam aku ke-jeles-an dan ke-gatal-an pulak setelah aku lihat blog kawan aku dua orang ni tukar header baru...hahaha...memang persaingan yang sihat!!! hahah

This is shela's new header
Simple and TOTALLY HER!
i mean by "Totally Her" is because she been very humble in everything she do
Like soft colour that exactly HER!
Like cute things that really HER!
Like DIY thingy that is HER!
or u can just visit here SHELALA's blog

Shes new in blogger world..
do support her by following her blog [iklan]...hehehe
Shes my cloze friend when i was in university
thankful that she want to open up blogger account coz i always push her to do so...
Her life was so fill with colourful stories...
And id like to read more about her life as in digital format or blogger ^^
we are so apart away now...
hope to keep in touch with her life in blogger...
cheers shela!!!

This is dysha's new header!!!
this is very cute!
 and you just can visit her here DYSHA
i know dysha for 3 year...at university
we always in the same group project and more or less i can tell about her la...
Honestly speaking...
she like collecting a cute-cute thingy for herself....
i realize it when we reach third year studying
im saying so because first time i know her...
the character i can capture in is dysha is a grumpy and moody girl...
her face always moody...and i dont know why???
and its really shocking me when i knew she actualy collecting a cute thingy and draw little cute anime in her file
 Dysha is totally difference now maybe its because after knowing his fiancee...?
[maybe or because of other thing??]
i know she really happy with her life now...
She always smile and the grumpy faces slowly gone....

Dysha,if u read this...if it something u wanna say out...
please....say it
if im wrong..correct me^^

finally....i wish the best for u and your new bussiness interest!!click here and follow kissU
Best luck for you!!

This is my old header and has been tranform to
TADAAA!!!! [goes with sparkle2 sound effect]
im attaching my faveret slipper here....
i want to come up with simple header because my blog is all white
i want my blog to be simple
my background purposely empty
and ive remove some application to make my blog more simple
i just want the blog walker to read my entry...
or if u didnt agree with me and need to improve my blog
just say so....



first of december

I'm sick of LOVE
i don't know why
i thought i can stand a long relationship
I really cant do it

i really love you
just a love for a friends

I dont know what else to do..
you want me to honest with you
and say that "i hate u.."
i cant do it
i love you

I hope we can still be friend
because there's no other person that so close to me before
you are like my brother
you are like my best friend

i don't mean to hurt you
because it makes me hurt too
i just that....
i don't know what else to do now??
the best is for you and me


the person you use to call

Loveliess Blogger