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friends is everything??

Me say:: Family is everything!nonsense la when ppl say friends is everything... craps! you dont even menghargai your own family
"they always there for youbut weblindthey always wanted to talk to youbut wedeafthey always give everything you wantedbut webisueven say thank you oso berat nak buka mulut "
last time im not proud of being daughter to my parent i always say: "jahat dady mumy...this cannot,,that cannoteverything cannot..have no freedom la...." and so on
but when im growing older [now imtwenty three] i realize that they are really a good friend i started to learn and share everything with my parent  i talk to them and they listen i know how much they appreciate it you'll never know how your parent have sacrife[a lot] for you and you say friends is everything??or boyfriends is everything??and you give everything to him back??CRAPS!!tipah tertipu lagi dan lagi...~~~please lar....
have u everhugyour parent?orshake handwith them?orcookfor them?or give afloweron valentine day…


Im sure everyone got one or more best buddy right? i got mine oso lah......this is him!! dearest Mr.Simon Jolly an Kelabit mix Iban guy
we've been friend since,mean that 11 years oredi owwh...
we dance together in church and that how we meet and become cloze im the cikgu...and he is my murid....hahahaa
our friendship is like this:: "we never say that we are best friends  we just know" [aiee...macamana itu bha?? ala...macam itu bha ]
very hard to having bestfriend's relationship xspecially when girl and boy become a cloze friends usually they will fall in love right? i love the way we make friends... i love the way we care each other i love the way we talks i love the way we act in front of people and  i love and miss the moment when we dance together
owh ya,recently he become my driver stay at my house  because my dad not around [inilah susah nyer teda lesen bha... terpaksa menyusahkan org pulak] for a long time didnt close together like this and  it a bit weird for us

im twenty three

08.08.10 [sunday] Spending my birthday moment with families  very meaningful to me and so private when its come to having a gathering with my family member i love being surround with my families rather than with friends to me families more important than everything in my life

going to Pizza Hut to having some pizza because my parent havent try one before... so,once a while..bring them lorr since i have my own pocket money now so i belanja!!

5 hours

after had a careless-self accident on Friday i decided to taking a license . . . im attending the KPM course last sunday... hahaha [on my birthday date...] KPM mean Kurikulum Pendidikan Memandu huuhhh..... thanks goodness the instructor are Sporting n im not ended with sleeping in his class
soon will having table test n soon I CAN DRIVE!!!


im doing this project now in my work place.. cool right  but fening!! ----still in progress----

yay.. for the mean time that all i can post im too buzy with my working life and never stop this 'buzzziiinezz' trend my headache will get worst!!!