Part-Time Job As A Wedding Card Maker

My life would be a total borrreeeddd if I stop what I loves to do. I have my careers behind me..but still I need more income in order to support my financial. This are my logo for my small business..
I provide services for designing wedding card, printing, cutting too.. Heres some of my design... remember my entry of help me on how to / what to write on Malay wedding card??? Yaaa...this are the outcome design. I need to print out and cutting 900 pcs wedding card. On women's side 300 pcs, man's side 600 pcs. I charge them RM1/per pcs -color printing on artcard paper 220gsm (including envelope). so cheap?? hahaha...yaa.. 

Above are design for women's side. Both of them loves pastel color and Efida loves clover leaf... so, i try my best to design and put some clover leaf.. 

Above are for man's side reception wedding card (front view). Back view are the same as above- just replace the name and place and date. 

I were making a mistake on material and sizing below card for my clients. Printing ink macam tidak dapat masuk atau tak cun menggunakan paper tersebut. i was regret im not using artcard paper. Saya menggunakan 220gsm paper yang berbau wangi dan ada macam bersinar2 tu untuk paper.. im not sure either my choices of paper is wrong or the printing shop - the machine got problem.. So, i rugi in term of my money and everything tidak menjadi... And then, they (my client-Fabian & Brenda) decided to print themself. So, i just ask them to pay for delivery costing to KL. Yang lain i will handle coz its my mistake. They accept calendar coz i print using artcard paper at the diffrent printing shop... i swear i will not printing at that shop ever again.....

Above are the design for Fabian & Brenda. They wanted postcard design so i try to design like one. 

This calendar is giving as a Thank You Gift 

There are more...but next time i will post and write about my part-time job as a photographer. Its fun to see all the couple were happy and its our job to capture it as a memories they kept. So, adios!


Kuching Food Fest

Obviously, Kuching people love to eat!!!! The Kuching Festival is held annually to maintain part of the city's plan to boost the local tourism and food industry. Visitors to the festival can enjoy various events held throughout the month of August, including dramatic performances, musical concerts, galleries, exhibitions, essay writing competition and many more. One of the main attractions within the festival is the food fair, a mouth-watering event a festival of this caliber cannot do without. Here some picture i took from last year Kuching Fest....Enjoy looking all the picturesss!! 

Im craving for this coconut ice cream!!!! So nyummmmmmmm.

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