my kata-kata semangat for my SIS yang menghadapi SPM this year
Mitchelle Lawa [my lil sister]
Cheryl Resat [my 1st kazen]
Elvina Ruran [my 1st kazen]

My kazen mazen yang kiut-miut,
(really!they are Pretty and Kiut girls!!)
 Remember God's promise::
Who ever that believe in Him will never be the tail but be the head!!
hold the promise
study smart
do the best!


five years

dating date dats reach 5years now with my beloved Fabian Ganya
thanks for everything dear!
i know 
eventhought you forget....and i getting very mad
but you know how to get my heart back..
and putting a smile on my face again..
everything have been very beautiful
thank you again

i cares about everything
and easily get touch by a simple things
but also get easily mad for a small thing
i remember a 'not-so-important' memories
and memorize everything in my tiny heart
not because i should
but because i am created so..

He did not cares about small thingy
hard to memorize even an important date 
and sometimes create a heart break to me
not because he are a heart breaker and cold heart
but because he were created so...

"Sungguh Tuhan telah mencipta segalnya begitu indah. Agar lelaki dan perempuan dapat saling melengkapi kekurangan sesama sendiri"



dady is getting older

(i forgot to post this entry and its on my draft for a long time....)
my dad getting older each year
he reach 56 years this year lor.......
we put up a simple birthday party for him for remembrace only
we bought mocca cake at sounthern cake house
cute and tasty..

he smile
but we know he actually get touch by our simple surprise party birthday
Love u Dad!!



Going Go-round to beach....
is fantastic and right plan made by my parent on this Aidiladha's Holiday!!
Having our lunch there @ Palm Garden [somewhere at Damai area la]
and having our photo shot session at Pantai Puteri..hihi....we also going to Damai resort having a walk there for a while and going to Permai also......
lastly....going to Kampung Buntal~
ow ya...for those come from malaya land that read my entry...
Damai is a place where Gunung Santubong is...
Gunung Santubong actually facing the beach [laut cina selatan]
so,when u taking picture...Gunung Santubong is behind your back^^

we bring along our two cuzie from Lawas oso
they seem happy^^


"Save Elektrik"

Aku macam perasan jak akhir2 nie...
kedai2 makan kat area Kuching ni menyahut kesedaran 
"Jimat Elektrik" 

Owya......lupak pulak nak amik gambar kedai2 makan ni ek....
nak kata lounge,bar...pub...tak la pulak....
lampu kelip2 
[yang hanya dilihat tyme2 perayaan] 
bernyala2 dengan penuh kebanggaan
nak kata tak bayar elektrik.....[BERkemungkinan besar jugak]

apa agaknyer MENU istimewa yan membuatkan para bapak2 melepak di kedai2 jimat elektrik ni owww??
nak kata makan...
tapi ku melihat hanya tin2 kehijauan bertaburan......
agaknyer hanya ada 7UP/Sprite yang dijual kot....... [AGAKNYER...]

Aku memang bangga melihat banyak kedai makan yang baru dibuka dan dinamakan dengan nama seperti: SU**I I***I, J**G CAFE bnyk la.....mean dat i noe they are BUMIPUTERA SWK
tapi kan...aktiviti yang dijalankan KURANG MENYIHATKAN PULAK....aiya.......
mesti kah nak popularkan kedai dengan membuat konsep yang bukan2.... 
memang bagus sangat OTAK perniagaan mereka kan???
Pintar,Cergas dan Pantas!!

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