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Logos Hope In Kuching

Luckily we visit Logos Hope on saturday...otherwise we will make a long line on Sunday... Logos Hope is a World's largest Floating Book Fair. Currently settle in Kuching from 28 October 2011 until 13 November 2011 (correct me if im wrong)...:D This is my first time visiting Logos ship as this is the first time also for Logos Hope too. Ive visit Doulos Ship last 2 years (i think so la)...and that was the last visit for Doulos coz the ship is too old to continue the journey. And now,Doulos replace by Logos Hope.  i bought some books coz its soo crazy cheap! better u check it out la... Heres some of the picture...hope you enjoy it.  And for Kuching folk,dont forget to drop by ya!!