Bubur Tasak Orang Iban Di Serian


Bubur Tasak is Iban language mean CENDOL / BUBUR CHA-CHA in malay
i dont know how to say it in english

On the last Mother day celebration, me and family went to mom's kampong at serian (Kpg Merang) to celebrate the day with our grandma and aunt...
we reach there early that we get to see our grandma do the traditional bubur tasak
This is the first time in whole life i seen people done such thing in front of my eyes. As for my other cousin also. Well,frankly speaking...we are not born in the kampong and not live in the kampong...for sure la we dont even know about this. Me and my sis have help my grandma...and it is not a easy job... until i get my hand pain.
i dont really know the ingredient but for sure they use RICE
Bubur tasak one of the main dishes for them... for long time ago in the 60s and 70s you cant expect to have 'great-great' food such as KFC etc....seeing how they do and tasted it....it make me to appreciate the hard work.  

here some picture of it...not the whole process...maybe someday i will write an entry how to make bubur tasak step by step... really nice and tasty! thanks to grandma...

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