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Engagement Invitation Card Comic Style

Pertunangan to have or not the invitation card?? This has been a question yang berlegar2 di fikiran dan akhirnya membuat keputusan untuk memberikan kad jemputan. Coz, even birthday party also orang hantar card sekarang. And in the end, the invitation card is good to help you and all the family to plan.

Ive been designing and making invitation card for others. So, bila sampai diri sendiri pulak memerah otak!!! haha... i know what i want but i need to blend with my fiancee's taste. Akhirnya, we decide to choose 'comic style'. This was our original idea and we stuck in the right color to used. Have been seek advise from our close friends... And finally choose Blue.

I did say this was our original idea right? Later in the post... saya akan attach juga card yang final design. Hehehe

Proses 1
Before design and after sudah tahu nak buat card style apa, you need a photo kan?? So, we find a time to do some casual photoshoot. We love how it turn! Thanks to my sister, Mitchel... menjadi photographer kami berdua. Hehehe... everyone was like = where you two photo shoot??? hehehe.. i just keep quiet till today the secret is reveal sudahh... Here one of the picture turn out!! Love it....
Btw, Using DSLR Nikon D60.

Proses 2
Designing stage. I do refer to other design by the help of Pak Google. Such as, this design below then i develop on my own design. Using Adobe Illustrator CS4 & Photoshop CS4 on my design. 

So, selepas design and beberapa amendment made on the design to make it simple... this is how it turn out.. I done all the printing and cutting hehe.. easy job bha.