Christmas sickness

Christmas card for all bloggers!!
i design this using adobe photoshop...i make my simple wishes with "Christmas Tree" style..
i wanted to make a simple card for Christmas and send it through internet as now people rarely buy a card and send it in front of your door step (technology sake!) 
my wishes is simple for everyone
"Have a merry and joyful Christmas!"

until then
Merry Christmas folks
Happy New Year

Sincere from me.
Elizebel Danil


Ukir Bansa Iban

Ukir Iban atau Pantang merupakan ukiran yang dicacah di badan masyarakat bangsa Iban. Untuk pengetahuan semua , lelaki Iban yang mempunyai tatu Bunga Terung adalah kerana mereka dikatakan mempunyai tanggungjawap yang besar dalam sesebuah keluarga mereka .Dahulu sebelum proses mencacah Tatu dibadan , maka harus ada upacara 'miring' diadakan seperti memohon keberkatan kepada dewa - dewa perang . Tatu tersebut dikatakan mempunyai semangat spritual yang tinggi kepada si pemilik tatu iaitu ianya memberi kekuatan kepada bahu kerana segala aktiviti berat akan dipikul di bahu , seperti contoh memikul bebanan sebagai anak laki-laki kepada keluarganya.Selain itu corak 'pusaran' didalam tatu Bunga Terung tersebut dikatakan melambangkan sebuah kehidupan baru dan mendapat 'kuasa' daripada perut berudu. Tatu ini juga penting bagi anak lelaki Dayak yang keluar merantau atau mengembara jauh daripada kawasan mereka dan ianya dikatakan sebagai azimat kekal 'mantera wheel'.

Today, a message came in from Le boyfriend asking for my permission on.........:
BF: B ngadu tattoo iban ka hany ngasuh?
i was thinking... 
Me : where? kaki? paha? lengan? belakang?
BF: Ba bahu aja. Pantang terung Iban
so, i was like searching on the internet and i found this picture:
(i have no any relationship (friends/relatives) with above man)

I kinda like to see a man with tattoo (a appropriate traditional iban tattoo only or we call it a tribe tattoo) as
picture above.. and at the right place on the body, then we'll see a nice picture of it.                                    


A very Inspirational Wedding Dress

wedding dress or wedding gown is the clothing worn by a bride during a wedding ceremony. Color, style and ceremonial importance of the gown can depend on the religion and culture of the wedding participants. In Western cultures, brides often choose a white wedding dress, which was made popular by Queen Victoria in the 19th century. In eastern cultures, brides often choose red to symbolize auspiciousness.

I love to wear something simple on my wedding day..i always dream to wear those dresses as below..
Im planning for my wedding earlier..coz i know its the hardest thing to do..once in a life and i wanted to make everything perfect. A memory for the rest of my life,husband and children..


tic tock tic tock

Gonna watch Breaking Dawn Part 1 tonight with boyfie...
waited for him to watch it together....he's on his way from Sri Aman to Kuching now...
We've follow this movie since twilight ->the first movie... and sure well watch the whole part / continuous movie..
We're not fan of vampires thingy or wolf but like it just for fun only...
This is the first time in this year we watch movie together..coz so hard for us to meet each others.
and i damn miss him so much!
a good friend...and a care lover...

-good evening!-


Logos Hope In Kuching

Luckily we visit Logos Hope on saturday...otherwise we will make a long line on Sunday...
Logos Hope is a World's largest Floating Book Fair. Currently settle in Kuching from 28 October 2011 until 13 November 2011 (correct me if im wrong)...:D
This is my first time visiting Logos ship as this is the first time also for Logos Hope too. Ive visit Doulos Ship last 2 years (i think so la)...and that was the last visit for Doulos coz the ship is too old to continue the journey. And now,Doulos replace by Logos Hope. 
i bought some books coz its soo crazy cheap!
better u check it out la...
Heres some of the picture...hope you enjoy it. 
And for Kuching folk,dont forget to drop by ya!!


Auburn - LA LA LA Feat Iyaz

I understand now how my Boyfriend feel when im started to LALALALALA... :p

Rs mcm kenak 'tembak' jak bila dengar lagu ni.... dedicated to me myself yg slalu LALALALA dan BLALALABLA dengan boy saya.....hahahaha ^^
Enjoys the songs.....banyak meaning dia!





3D Maya Notes

heeeeyaaahhhh!!!! finally i found a Maya Note....please click this link MAYA to have some guidance. 
I hope you'll find what you looking for from my little help^^
im nearly lost in guiding my student last semester coz i didnt have a note or anything left for me when im joining and started to teach in DRG. 
 But thank goodness...God give me a wisdom so i can guide my student slowly with me.They have done something great that even a degree student also hard to do....here some work made by them (im showing this because just wanted to promote what PTPL Sarawak can offer u) ... really good aite? For sure need a improvement...put some lighting....add here add there but its fine for their level~
People learn from mistake but i learn from experience...hahaha.....sama jugak! eh...teda la.
i love sharing my knowledge to my students bcoz i know it will never finish.
the knowledge keep coming and i will never stop giving


Ada Langit Biru by Sidney Mohede

Just for Sidney Mohede's fan (Gospel singer from Indonesia)..i found this song when blog walking.. and im bless. Just wanted to share this post i copy from http://www.sidneymohede.com 

'Ada Langit Biru' MP3 (Alternate Version) Free Download
CLICK THE BUTTON "Pay With a Tweet" to download the Alternate Version of the song "Ada Langit Biru" that was not in the album. All you need to do is Pay it with a Tweet and share it with your friends! Hope you're blessed! (Yes it's legal, because the song is owned by me and I'm giving it out for free as an appreciation to all of you!)
(You can also download directly from this link):


i overeact sometimes....

i have a very understanding sister
and she share this image from Rainbow Pastels on my facebook homepage

>>> ME <<<



Kesakitan itu

Im just dont feel good right now...
i feel so....menyampah....boring dan fed up! 
Tak pernah rasa sebegini. sangat mengecewakan terutamanya jika kecewa kerana yang namanya CHINTA itu. 
Rasa-rasanya setiap insan di dunia ini akan mengalami fasa dimana akan ada kekecewaan dalam sesuatu perhubungan. 
Apabila kita merancang sesuatu dan sebaliknya yang terjadi.... 
ianya amat tersangat memedihkan. 
Memang begitulah lumrah kehidupan. 
Kadang-kala kita sebagai manusia tidak dapat menerimanya dan ada yang dapat menanganinya dengan begitu baik.

unfinished entry coz i dont know how to write it here......
pray that my cheers will getting back soon~~


Diploma Rekabentuk Grafik PTPL Sarawak

Having a good time with short course student (grafik4U) together with DRG student
An academic visit to Art Museum and Contemporary Art Exhibition at Kuching
Impress by the artwork made by UiTM,Unimas,Lim Kok Wing and Swinburne's lecturer / student
i hope my student getting something from this trip.

This is my second month teaching them and so far i have no problem with the student
All are good boys and girls....
Guess where i am??
(hahahha.....kedak student jugak bha)

I hope anyone that reading this and if you want to further study in design subject...
you are welcome to join us at PTPL Sarawak.

Dont worry about who you will be after the study coz there a plenty position for you out there
Please avoid the conventional thinking : " belajar seni tak ke mane nyer.... "
HEY! i told you...we run the world! 
For example, without someone design an advertisement for Coke...sure u will not recognize it... betul tak?? 
Ingat...we are the small little nation that own a creative minded.


A continuos story after school

Taken at Seni Kontemporari on 19/09/11

See..we have transform a lot since we left our high school.
Both of us were working now and have been so matured in thinking..less merajuk2...less marah2...more2 membesar!..hahaha

For almost SIX year relationship, we have gone through so many 'love trial' in our relationship.
We've try to breakup for one month but we decide to return back and keep this relationship until we tight the knot. Thanks God that i know he's the best gift God sent to me to fill my day and guide me through my life. We have plan so many great thing in our life ahead and we hope God is hearing and He knows what best for us.

oh ya....
since Fabian is travelling to Kuching for 2 week..
 we have a chance to enjoy our self..get together and be crazy! i really appreciate it.....its like a year we havent met each other!
We plan to be crazy on our day out (19/09/11)..Fabian bought me a same shirt design and we wore it. People were looking and staring at us and i feel...we are the coolest couple in the planet! big SMILE. 
we watch Johnny English..and laugh like crazzzyyyy!


A Wishes Never Come True

From my big tiny heart,

 I wish my house will be like this
i couldnt express my feeling la....

i wish i could travel alone around borneo land
Ba' Kelalan

wait for me!
i wish i could reach TIP OF BORNEO and touch the land

i wish i could climb Mount Santubong and lost 5kg


Selamat Hari Raya!

Its never to late to wish all muslim blogger
Happy Raya....
God Bless^^


iPAD Fever

Everywhere i go,people is holding her/his ipad
its really suck la!


Part of the family

I havent update my current working place...
Currently working as Tutor at PTPL Sarawak..as a graphic design tutor since July 2011
I love my student eventho i have a difficult time with one of the freshiee student intake June 2011
but then.....things turn okay...!

The first class i attended was with the senior student 
KMM1063 Multimedia Interactive
and never forget those who helping me wipe off my permanent marker writting on the whiteboard
(Aiyo...im using the wrong marker to write!!!!)
thanks to Arel,Wan,Nira and...i forgot the name la....
Never forget them,ever!!!
the first student that was so kind and willing to help me.
You couldnt imagine how many i have write on the whiteboard and sudden i realise that i could not wipe it when i try to wipe it off... 
oo gosh!!!!
Hope that my relationship goes well with all the student
They can ended to be my close friend...!!
Especially the final student whose age is almost same with me and some is older than me!
i really keep my age tightly and secretly from them
someday they will know also la..

who cares


Gay Marriage Law

What do you think Malaysian??
and i go through the comment at yahoo
make me laugh
when one of the them say : 
"Did God say Adam & Steve? I dont think so..."


Borneo Delight

Hang up for a while with my lady-boss at this place after we took some picture of new budget river cruise at waterfront Kuching yesterday.
This place owned by a Melanau Chinese man (a family bussiness)

Reason why im promoting this place because...
Suprisingly,the beverages is very cheap below MYR 5.00 each
you can just stopping by and look at the menu
(they put the menu outside the cafe)

you can hang here and have a peaceful time with your buddies...
so,for those who wanted to come to Borneo Delight
At the back of Singgahsana Lodge,
Behind and opposite to Buddhist Temple because both side were Temple
just search it by yourself la,okay...because im not that good in giving direction...
for sure the place is INSIDE CAT CITY....



Rainforest World Music Festival 2011


 Rainforest World Music Festival 2011 
  Date: 8 - 10 JULY 2011 
  Time: 10:00am - 12:00am  
  Venue: Sarawak Cultural Village, Kuching, Sarawak

Event Description 
The Rainforest World Music Festival is a unique festival that brings together on the same stage renowned world musicians from all continents and indigenous musicians from the interiors of the mythical island of Borneo.

With a line-up of 18 international bands and 2 Malaysian bands playing a diverse range of world genres, the festival is featuring 7 different acts per night over 3 nights.

Its formula of afternoon informative workshops, ethno-musical lectures, jamming sessions and mini concerts, followed by evening performances on the main stage has proven to be a hit, with the audience, who come from near and far.

Food & Village Mart
The Food & Village Mart is filled with local crafts, souvenir items and international food and drinks. More than 30 stalls with an array of crafts, souvenirs and food and beverage within the region.

RWMF Store
The RWMf store is filled with RWMF merchandize. Grab yourself a souvenir t-shirt or your favourite artist CD – you can even get it signed if you want by them at the CD signings that are scheduled.
   Pricing & Discount 
08 July 2011
09 July 2011
10 July 2011
TYPE of SEATno seatingno seatingno seating
Daily Pass
Adult DailyRM 110.00RM 110.00RM 110.00
Child DailyRM 55.00RM 55.00RM 55.00
3-Day Pass
Adult (3-Day)RM 300.00
Child (3-Day)RM 150.00
* Tickets are limited for 3-days pass.  3-days pass will not be available for sales on the event day.
Online Promotions 1 (Promotion Ended)
Adult (Daily)
Online Promo
till 15 Jan 2011
RM 55.00RM 90.00RM 55.00
Adult (3-Day)
Online Promo
till 15 Jan 2011
RM 180.00
Online Promotions 2 (Promotion Ended)
Adult (Daily)
Online Promo 2
till 28 Feb 2011
RM 70.00RM 110.00RM 70.00
Adult (3-Day)
Online Promo 2
till 28 Feb 2011
RM 220.00
Online Promotions 3
Adult (Daily)
Online Promo 3
till 30 Apr 2011
Promo extended from 4 - 11 May 
RM 85.00RM 110.00RM 85.00
Adult (3-Day)
Online Promo 3
till 30 Apr 2011
Promo extended from 4 -11 May 
RM 260.00
* Online Promotion - Only Applicable for online purchase only.
   Seats are limited. Based on first-come-first-served basis.
Note: Terms apply.
1 Day Pass
Please read and confirm that you understand and accept
TicketCharge’s Conditions of Sales to "Buy Online"
3 Day Pass
Tickets are limited for 3-days pass.
3-days pass will not be available for sales on the event day. 

Please read and confirm that you understand and accept
TicketCharge’s Conditions of Sales to "Buy Online"
* Kindly take note that ticket(s) will not be issued at this moment.
   We will notify you once physical ticket(s) is ready.
* Ticket sales only available via Phone and Internet Purchase. Outlet sales is not available at present moment.
Remarks: The event organizer reserves the rights to change the prices, seating arrangement and audience capacity. Map not in scale, served as a guide or reference only!

   Terms & Conditions 
* Prices are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia and exclude RM3.00 processing fee
* RM1.50 per ticket will be charged for internet purchase.
* NO CANCELLATION or CHANGES allowed once ticket sold.
* Children of 3 to 12 years old must purchase ticket for admission.
* NO REFUND is allowed after a purchase is made.
* LOST or DAMAGE ticket(s) will not be entertained
* Additional courier charges will apply if address is not within Malaysia.
* “Rain or Shine” and outdoor event.
* Phone booking is available via TicketCharge (603) 9222 8811
* For detailed information on the festival, please log onto www.rainforestmusic-borneo.com



im sure bloggy age around 22- ever watch this movie that been played on TV in year 1996-1998
i love this movie damn much!
im waiting for school holiday to watch it because the movie always appeared when holiday
in the 90s
the TV dont have much choices...and only open for viewing 7am until 1 am (i guess,if im not mistaken)
or else the TV will appear like this

or the 'rainbow' picture with noisy sound as below
(i cant find the 'clean' picture)

 whatever it is...(back to business)
i really hope to see Astro or Media Prima show this movie again on TV
anyone agree with me??

really miss fantaghiro,the talking stone,Romuldo and lots
my childhood time is live with this movie..

*finger cross*


Crazy at Bintulu

Bintulu!!! i come. Im going to Bintulu on job purpose - partime job as a photographer. Im assign by my friend to be their official photographer on his wedding.. its fun! thanks for hiring me..... Bintulu have a good beach and scenery for wedding shooting.
but i cant stop myself to have fun there because i have crazy cuziee!! Luckily, my aunt is generous enough pinjamkan keretanya untuk aku berjalan kesana dan kemari. Jalan ke Bintulu tidaklah sesusah manapun... i learn the road 1 day only...hohoho. Going out with cuzie-- go watch muvee like Kuching dont have one :D


Stepping On Christian's AlKitab (Holy Bible) In Malaysia

When im blogwalking this evening,I am very shock to see a post from Antu Beduru's Blog with a leg stepping on the Holy Bible ( Bahasa Malaysia translation) with entry title Melayu Perkasa.

This man really crazy and bet he not in his own mind while posting this picture in Lockerz.com
As a christian,this act really make me wanna scream at this person or chop him out 
but then i feel very pity for this man because he never knew the real love how we love our enemy no matter how bad they were.
I am praying this man would repent for his act by stepping on the Holy Bible...because i knew nothing is impossible. Like Saul transform to Paul and have bring many nation to become Christian... i would pray the same for this man too.
Im posting this matter on my facebook page and tagging my fellow friends. Hope there someone (christian) concern about it and please...please....please.....If you are a Christian.why you keep quiet? Be bold and strong. For nothing is impossible! When we kneel and close our eyes pray....there will be something happen!

There more picture on this matter and you can just click this link...(more
God Bless!


Iban Wedding

Never taught that attending and become hired photographer for my friend's wedding gain me a new experience. This event took place at Bintulu,Sarawak on 28th May 2011.

Iban wedding really respect the visitor where you will be welcome by the tradition "Niki Temuai".
Niki Temuai (as i observb) is kind of tradition where the owner of the house or long house welcome all the visitor and give a drink call "Tuak". And also hear you a "Taboh" 's music and a dance call "Ngajat". They will bring you to walk around the "Ruai" of Long house. Is i am using too many word that you cant undestand??
because all this word is hard to translate and i think they use this word to keep the originality.

nevermind....see the picture above.. will update later because i dont really have idea to write this ceremony. To complicated to write...need to ask my parent this Iban Wedding ceremony in detail.... 

Taboh's music

Niki Temuai ceremony

A place where the bride sit

Iban culture food

Loveliess Blogger